MAHA Accomplishments July 2016 – June 2017

Updated Nov 9, 2017

• Opened the first non-profit mental health clinic in Chicago Chinatown and provided mental health counselling to 370 patients

• Provided Affordable Care Act/Navigator services to 8,601 Asian clients in Chicago, and 1,070 in Michigan. 1,503 individuals in Chicago and 943 in Michigan were assisted with enrollment for Medicaid and Marketplace insurance

• Provide substance abuse prevention services to 792 youth and families in the Asian and Latino communities

• Provided Hepatitis B awareness education to 5,922 clients in collaboration with other CBOs, and provided Hep. B immunizations to 110 clients

• Provide counseling and job placement services to 190 individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health problems

• Provided comprehensive health screenings to 520 clients including heart function, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes, etc.

• Provided free medical consultation to 154 clients, diabetes education to 211 patients, and made referrals for further care if needed

• Provided free hepatitis B patient care to 124 patients by Dr. Sean Koppe and Dr. Juliana Chan of UIC

• Provided free flu shot and other immunizations to 138 clients and seniors

• Provided osteoporosis education and free osteoporosis screening to 117 clients

• Provided training and internship opportunities to 151 health professional students and volunteers

• Provided H. Polari screening and stomach cancer counselling to 114 clients

• A total of 21,626 individuals received various health and social services from MAHA in the past year

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