Understanding Mental Health and Suicide Issues

Updated on July 12, 2017

Understanding Suicide Issues
Based on American Psychological Association’s 2007 report, suicide was the second leading cause of death for Asian-Americans aged 15-34. In a survey targeted towards Asian-Americans college students, it was found that they were more likely than other racial groups to have had suicidal thoughts and to attempt suicide. Among all Asian-Americans, young adults had the highest suicide rate (12.44 per 100,000). The results of the survey also showed among all middle aged asian americans, especially females, have a higher suicide rate and attempt compared to nation’s average. The reasons that lead to suicide attempts and behavior based on the survey include the following:

  1. Most mental health reasons are related to depression and anxiety.
  2. Family expectation and stress
  3. The long term effects of having a chronic disease

It is not hard to conclude from this information, long term mental and psychological stress, are the main causes for suicide attempts and behavior. This kind of stress is usually found in Asian American families because of cultural limitations. Some misunderstandings about mental health are, “Just hold it in and it will disappear” , “It will gradually get better by itself”, often will unconsciously increase the risk of suicide and mental health problems. The first step to solving the problem is admitting there is a problem, if anybody finds themselves having mental stress or suicidal thoughts, asking for help from a hospital, police, school mental services, and other community services is the most important thing to do, denying the problem is not a good way to solve it.

If you want to better learn about mental health issues, or need some professional help or education, you are welcome to come to Midwest Asian Health Association’s mental health clinic.  

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根据美国心理协会(American Psychological Association)2007年的数据,自杀在15-34岁的青年中是超过绝大多数疾病在内的第二大死亡原因。在一项针对亚裔大学生的心理健康调查中,亚裔青年/大学生展现出了比其他族裔更高的自杀倾向。青少年也是亚裔中自杀率最高的年龄组,达到(12.44每100,000人)。报告中的其他数据也表明,亚裔中年人,尤其是女性,与美国平均水平相比有着更高的自杀率和自杀倾向。同一项报告中更进一步指出,可能导致自杀倾向和行为的原因有:

  1. 心理健康问题,主要体现在抑郁症和焦虑性障碍症
  2. 包括家庭在内的社会压力
  3. 长期的慢性疾病



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Suicide Problem Control and Guidance

Suicide problems are serious, but if we face it positively,  it may not have such a disastrous effect. Besides just looking for professional help , family support is another very important factor in dealing with suicidal thoughts and behavior. Family members have the ability to monitor suicide behaviors of the patient, in addition they can provide mental and psychological support, to give them hope a reason to live. In addition, always pay attention to their behavior, identify high risk behavior, is also a very important prevention method, below are some easy ways to identify high risk behaviors:

  1. Giving away valuable personal items
  2. Often talking about death or suicide
  3. Getting ready for suicide, for example writing a will, or researching about suicide data
  4. Having very obvious personality changes

The above examples are not the only identifiable actions, but most are very similar, main point is to have careful observation in their behavior. Once a family member or friend is identified with a mental or psychological problem, you should show more love and be more caring, no matter what building a better family relationship should do no harm. To deal with any psychological problems, the most important element is to prevent, be cautious,  pay attention to details, that is the best attitude to deal with mental health issues.

If you have any questions related to suicide problems, or have any need for professional help or education,  you are welcome to visit or contact Midwest Asian Health Association’s mental health clinic.  

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  1. 把属于自己的贵重之物送人
  2. 经常谈及死亡或自杀
  3. 准备自杀的具体行为,比如写遗嘱,在网上了解有关自杀的资料
  4. 明显而强烈的性格改变



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