Basic terms to know:

Immune system: helps our body fight infections and other diseases

Vaccine/immunization: product made from KILLED or weakened germs (so that you can’t get sick)
– administered by needle, injection, mouth, or spray
– vaccine/immunization can be used interchangeably

Why are vaccines important?

Prevent disease by stimulating immune system to produce defense (a.k.a. IMMUNITY) by being exposed to the disease

Herd (community) immunity:
– Germs/sickness travel quickly through people
– If many people get sick = OUTBREAK

“If vaccines have wiped out certain diseases in the US – can we stop getting vaccinations?”

NO. Protect yourself, your family, friends, and others.

If people are vaccinated… germs/sickness can’t travel as quickly or easily spread between people protecting the “herd” or “community.