Andre Pai, L.S.W.

Andre Pai is a Mental Health Counselor at MAHA, and he is excited to help further MAHA’s mission to make mental health care more accessible to Asian and Asian-American communities in Chicago. Andre graduated from the University of Chicago (2015-2019) with a B.A. in Anthropology and Comparative Human Development in 2019. He finished his A.M. in Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Service Administration with a Clinical Concentration at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration in 2021. As a Taiwanese American, Andre is passionate about serving Asian-American communities because of his experiences with his own mental health and because he recognizes that, although there may be stigma in our communities, there is so much strength within Asian-American communities that are important to listen to when addressing our communities’ mental health needs. Andre specialized in Trauma Responsive Care at the University of Chicago. Before coming to MAHA, Andre interned at the University of Chicago’s Ci3 where he provided career counseling for LGBTQ individuals on the South Side. Andre has also had experience working with teenagers as a counselor at the Great Books Summer Program and through MAHA’s Suicide Intervention Program. Andre is excited to join the Mental Health team at MAHA and cannot wait to meet more people within our community.