Preparing for your first visit!

It feels good to be prepared.


On your First Appointment: 

We will gather information to understand your needs and the reason you schedule an appointment.  

  • Be open and honest, but feel free to share what you are comfortable with at the time.
  • Come to sessions with a general idea of what you want to address in therapy.
  • It’s okay to ask questions.
  • Assert your own opinions and let your counselor know when you disagree. You are the expert of your own life.

Some general questions to ask:  

  • Has the counselor worked with people who have similar problems or goals as yourself?
  • How will you and your counselor work together to confront your issue and set goals?
  • How much education and professional experience do you have?
  • How often will the two of you meet?
  • What kind of process does the professional use and what kind of improvements can you expect?

What had changed since the pandemic? 

  • All service changes remote working. We are seeing clients using telehealth.
  • We sanitize our office regularly to keep our staff and community safe.
  • We prescribe your medication electronically and save you a trip to our office.
  • We provide virtual workshops, so you and other community members continue receiving community resources and wellness education.

Documents required on the first visit

Payment & Insurance Infomation

Paperwork & Document

Check Out Our Session Room!
Check out our Session Room!