Family Advocacy Center (FAC)


Our Purpose

Midwest Asian Health Association’s Family Health Center is the first Asian American Family Advocacy Center in Illinois. The purpose of the program is to promote stable and permanent homes by maintaining, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of family and wellbeing of children. 
What We Do? 
  • Case management and advocacy  
  • Resource development for families and children 
  • Parenting skill sessions 
  • Youth mentorship 
  • Referrals and linkages to youth counselling, employment, mental health services, health screening, health insurance and benefits enrollment and more 
  • Education, outreach, and prevention 

Our Goals:  

    • Prevent substitute care placement  
    • Promote family reunification 
    • Stabilize foster or temporary care placement 
    • Facilitate youth development 
    • Ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of children 
    Contact Us:  

    218 W 26th Street, Chicago, IL 60616


    Grace Liu - Case Manager

    [email protected] 

    Jenny Chen - Case Manager
    [email protected]


    Omar Abead - Program Coordinator
    [email protected]