Health Insurance Navigator Program

MAHA Navigator Program Overview

The Health Insurance Navigator Program at MAHA was established in 2013 with funding from the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago (UWMC) and the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The goal of the program is to help underserved and uninsured Asian immigrants increase healthcare knowledge and resources, and empower them with self-management ability for health care through activities including social media campaign, community outreach education, in-person counseling, and assistance with enrollment and post enrollment support.

MAHA Navigators strive to deliver culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services. The spectrum of navigator services include providing education and consultation about health insurance; assisting with application for Medicaid or Marketplace Qualified Health Plans (QHPs); providing support in retaining of health coverage; providing assistance with coordination of clients' healthcare needs and maintenance of effective communications with health insurance companies and health care providers, and other health coverage related assistance. With a great passion in helping underserved Asian Immigrant population, MAHA navigators have enrolled more than 4,100 individuals in Medicaid or Marketplace Qualified Health Plans by 2016. MAHA has the largest bilingual navigator team in Illinois Asian communities.

MAHA’s navigator team is licensed through State of Illinois Department of Insurance by passing background check and completing the State and Federal training and continue education courses. In addition to the team at the Chicago office, MAHA also leads a partnership navigator team in the Asian community of Michigan to provide enrollment support services in Chinese, Bengali, Nepali, and Vietnamese.

If you are interested in learning more about MAHA's Navigator Program or want to get involved, please contact Frank Li, at 312-225-8659 or 312-225-6806 or [email protected]

This program is made possible by a grant from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through a subcontract from the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. This program is also partially sponsored by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.