Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Prevention Program:

Supported by the Hep. B United, Illinois Dept. of Public Health, Hepatitis B Alliance of Chicago, Northwestern University, Chicago Department of Public Health, and pharmaceutical companies, MAHA's Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Prevention Program provides hepatitis B education, screening, and immunization to high-risk Asian American populations in Chicago. In 2012, MAHA started a free community-based Hepatitis B Clinic in Chinatown, the first of its kind in Illinois, supported by Dr. Sean Koppe (Director of the Liver Center, University of Illinois at Chicago). This monthly clinic provides follow-up care services to the hepatitis B carriers and other liver patients identified through the screenings.

Approximately one in ten Asian Americans are infected with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV). Alarmingly, 65-75% of chronically infected people are not aware that they have hepatitis B, making awareness and education critically needed resources. Illinois has experienced a significant 50.1% growth of Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) from 2000-2006, and currently has the 6th largest concentration of this minority population in the U.S. Unfortunately, many cultural, linguistic, and economic barriers prevent at-risk individuals from obtaining the resources and treatment they need.

In partnership with other community based organizations our program provides:

  • - Hepatitis B outreach and education for API populations
  • -Bilingual prevention and education information
  • -Monthly screenings and follow-ups
  • -Hepatitis B immunizations

To learn more about our monthly clinics or sign up to have a health care screening, contact us using the below info. We look forward to serving you!


Maggie Li, Program Coordinator (Mandarin/Cantonese/English)

Andrew Piotrowski, Health Programs Manager (Spanish/English)