January 2023 McK-UDOS Coalition Newsletter



While the state of Illinois has ended its mask mandate and other COVID-19 restrictions, we want to continue to advocate for precautionary measures and guidance to help reduce the spreading of COVID-19 through proper hand washing, social distancing, respiratory etiquette and cleaning and disinfecting regularly. We are currently fully reopened with all programs and services available for in-person and virtual access.

McK-UDOS Coalition Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, January 25th, 2023
Time: 11:00 am- 12:30 pm via Zoom


  • Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Thank you Randyl Wilkins from Prevention First for the training!
    • Two day in-person training with MAHA staff
    • Many discussions surrounding mental health and first aid training that allowed us to gain new perspectives


  • Saint Anthony Hospital

  • Name & Logo Change
    • Changing from “McKinley Underage Drinking & Other Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition” to “McKinley Underage Drinking & Other Substance Use Prevention Coalition”
    • Justin K feedback: make “McK-UDOS” pop out/larger text
  • McKinley Park News - Justin Kerr
    • You can promote news or events on the McKinley Park News website
    • Would love to feature students in the community and their good work to encourage them to recognize their accomplishments
      • Possibly Share profile of our youth coalition members 
  • TASC - Tanya Bibbs-Smith
    • Working on Problem Gambling for the Month of March
    • January 28th and February 12th Tanya will be at Northwestern University Tabling for Problem Gambling
      • Can add MAHA brochures in their resource bags
    • Has a resource center for young people under house arrest
      • MAHA can collaborate to speak with them about cannabis use/substance use and behavioral health and how to get help
      • They want to create resource bags to distribute 
    • Justin K: suggests getting them involved in youth coalitions
    • Tanya might want to host a resource fair where different organizations can set up tables
    • Justin K: How can we engage youth in the community, give them agency, allow for leadership opportunities (things to think about)
    • Tanya: some program that do offer opportunities to learn new skills, some with stipends, assistance with housing


  • SWOT Analysis in the upcoming meetings
  • Next Meeting on March 9th, 2023 at 11:30 am