March 2021 McK-UDOS Coalition Newsletter



With the current pandemic of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it has been an evolving situation impacting the world and our community. We want to advocate the precautionary measures and guidance to help the spread of COVID-19 of proper hand washing, social distancing, respiratory etiquette and cleaning and disinfecting regularly. We are currently slowly reopening our offices but will have staff operating on a rotation basis to help reduce the spread of the virus.

McK-UDOS Coalition Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2021

Time: 11:30 am- 1:00 pm via Zoom



      1. Lina Xie – MAHA
      2. Ailin Chang – MAHA
      3. Alicia Valdes -- Illinois National Guard, Counter Drug
      4. Allison Precht – MAHA
      5. Arista Wang – MAHA
      6. Edward Boone – Northwestern Medicine
      7. Jonas Ginsburg– MAHA
      8. Josh Freeman – Recovery Local
      9. Justin Kerr –McKinley Park News
      10. Katy Irving – Chicago Children's Advocacy Center
      11. Marshay Johnson – Chicago Children's Advocacy Center
      12. Matt Cassity – 360 Youth Services
      13. Melissa Scaturro -- Illinois National Guard - Counter Drug
      14. Michelle Flagg – Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC)
      15. Nina He – MAHA
      16. Saul Zhang – MAHA
      17. Tanya Bibbs-Smith – Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC)
      18. Allison Plyer - MAHA
  • MAHA digital ads are now live
    • Ads have been successful
    • For display ads, there were 17,491 impressions, 64 clicks to MAHA website
    • For Snapchat, there were 139K impressions, 933 swipe ups- directing people to the MAHA website
  • March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month
  • 360 Youth Services -- Matt Cassity ([email protected])
    • Based in Naperville but services are active throughout surrounding communities
    • Mission: to provide life-changing services to youth through substance use prevention, education, counseling, housing
      • Counseling services for children, teens, young adults, families and parents
      • Housing services for teens and young adults with program such as Cornerstone Group Home
      • Substance use prevention programs are focused on marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, and vaping
        • Coalition: Community Alliance for Prevention
        • During the pandemic, campaigns have shifted to digital formats such as Cable TV, Network TV, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Spotify, Radio, Youth and Family Magazine mailing
  • Proposed project: Adult Education Campaign
    • Goal/Plan
      • Campaign will focus on cannabis. The goal is to inform and equip local adult with skills/strategies to keep young people from access and use of substances
      • Materials are proposed to be translated in English, Spanish, and Chinese
    • Action plans:
      • Looking for partnerships in consumer market
      • Recruiting coalition members to put together a team/committee to move project forward
      • Seeking and welcoming inputs and feedback regarding the project
  • School Re-opening
  • Katy Irving – Chicago Children's Advocacy Center (CCAC)
    • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Sexual Abuse Month
    • CCAC has many upcoming events and webinars available for free and online
  • Michelle Flagg – Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC)
    • If an organization has information they would like to include in the upcoming ILCC Newsletter, please email Michelle Flagg at [email protected]
  • May 13, 2021 from 11:30am to 1pm over Zoom
  • Calendar invite to be sent out
  • For more information regarding updates, events, announcements, and partnerships, please email [email protected].

Boston Chinatown Gambling Study and Implications for Illinois Gambling Outreach Efforts

March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. MAHA and Pui Tak Center are partnering to provide a workshop "Boston Chinatown Gambling Study and Implications for Illinois Gambling Outreach Efforts" with speaker Dr. Carolyn Wong to discuss her research in Boston's Chinatown on gambling behavior and implications for how her work can inform gambling outreach efforts here in Illinois. This workshop is intended for community outreach providers and treatment providers to better assess problem gambling in Illinois. The workshop is free and is offered in English only.

Register using the following link: Please share this with anyone who may be of interest.

Gambling Awareness Month Virtual Speaker Series

Gateway Foundation, The Way Back Inn, TASC, and Midwest Asian Health Association are joining forces to put together a four-part series of virtual panels and presentations from March 29th to March 31st to inform the general public and interested parties on the importance of recognizing gambling disorder as an addiction that requires treatment and services.

This joint effort will focus on defining gambling disorder as an addiction, highlight the importance of ending stigma to ensure people access treatment, provide practical information on how to access treatment services, and provide a look into how members of the IL General Assembly and the Department of Human Services are working to ensure that people who need help get it. Each panel presentation will be offered via Zoom and free to the public.

Interested individuals can register for the sessions through the following link:

IDHS and HRiA statewide Problem Gambling Assessment

IDHS SUPR is working with a research team from Health Resources in Action (HRiA) on a statewide Problem Gambling Assessment. You are invited to complete an anonymous survey about gambling in Illinois. The purpose of this survey is to help the State of Illinois understand the population’s gambling behaviors, attitudes about gambling, and awareness of gambling services.

Please complete the survey in the next three weeks. It is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Respondents will get a $30 gift card for completion. If you have a friend, family member or coworker who you think would be eligible for this survey, please feel free to forward this survey link:

COVID-19 Vaccine Site

McKinley Park neighborhood residents who live north of 35th Street can now get free COVID vaccinations at the United Center at 1901 W. Madison St., about 3-1/2 miles north of McKinley Park on Chicago's Near West Side.

The vaccination process requires booking an appointment, and residents of zip codes 60619, 60620, 60649 and 60652 are also eligible.

Qualifying residents can sign up online at the United Center's Mass Vaccination scheduling web page at, and then use the voucher code CCVICHICAGO.

Qualifying residents who do not have Internet access can schedule an appointment by calling (312) 746-4835. Multilingual access and assistance for those with disabilities are available.