Parenting and Family Therapy

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–Parenting and Family Therapy

Are you finding yourself struggling with parenting your kids? Is your kid struggling in school? Are you feeling disconnected from your kids? There’s a misconception that therapy is needed only when your kids have a mental disorder diagnosis. The truth is that therapy can address a wide range of problems, such as your child’s emotional and behavioral problem. It can also help you build a stronger and healthier relationship with your kids.

Being parents can be overwhelming. Sometimes new parents can be unsure of what is best for their child. It becomes especially difficult when your kids show signs of behavioral challenge, physical or intellectual disability, or mental or physical illness. Marital problems can lead to ineffective parenting which further increases great levels of stress within the whole family.

Research has shown that when parents don’t communicate well often send confusing signals to children. It is hard for children to under what is expected of them. This can often lead to behavior issues, creating further difficulties for parents. Therapy can not only address your child’s problem, it can also help parents become a cohesive unit. Therapy can help couples become better at resolving disagreements regarding parenting and family life. Therapy is an opportunity for parents to feel empowered by building a stronger parental bond through the challenge of raising a kid.

One might ask why family therapy over individual therapy. While individual therapy can be helpful, family therapists offers a unique perspective to dealing with problems. Family therapists look at the big picture and address issues that affect the whole family. Family therapy is often helpful because each family members can bring up individual concerns and the therapist can connect those issues to the family dynamic. This allows the parents to look at the underlying issues that need to be resolved.

All therapists at MAHA are licensed by the state of Illinois. They are trained to offer skills that can help family develop healthy boundaries, build cohesion and better communication among family members, promote problem solving through understanding of family patterns, build empathy and understanding, and reduce family conflict. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to talk about the concerns that you have about your family or your kids. We also offer consultation and assessment so that we can create a plan that is best fitted for the needs of your family.

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238 W Cermak Rd. 2nd Floor 2A
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(312) 285-2287

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