Smart Match Employment Program

MAHA’s Smart Match Employment Program (SMEP) is supported with a milestone contract from the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services (IDHS). The purpose of this program is to provide comprehensive employment assistance to low-income Asians and other minorities with mental illness and developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities. Clients work closely with Employment Specialists to find and retain jobs that match their skills, goals, and interests. All services are free of charge, and are individually tailored and culturally sensitive. Services include job matching, benefit planning, job coaching, job carving, pre-employment training, on-site job support, follow-up services, linkage to public aid programs, mental health counselling, and referrals to other supporting services.

If you are interested in learning more about MAHA’s Smart Match Employment Program, or want to get involved, please contact Charlotte McCann, Employment Program Coordinator, at
[email protected] or 312-576-8809.