Gambling Awareness Program

Gambling Awareness and Prevention Program (GAP)

MAHA’s Gambling Awareness and Prevention Program (GAP) aims to expand gambling awareness and gambling addiction prevention services in the state of Illinois. With funding support from the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SURP), the GAP program provides community outreach and education, addiction screenings, and linkage/referral services for counseling and treatment. 

GAP Goals/Activities:

  • Increase knowledge of problem gambling and gambling addiction through social media and workshops.
  • Share information and resources through partnerships.
  • Engage community members in open discussion around gambling and gambling addiction.

Get involved:

  • Help us collect data on gambling behavior and problem gambling in your community.
  • Collaborate on community outreach and intervention best practices.
  • Spread the word and share resources and information to educate those around you.

Please click here for a self-administered survey of your own gambling behavior. We will follow up with you with additional evaluation if identified as needing other problem gambling-related support.